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The Best, Most Affordable Eyelash Serums that Actually Work

I've tried a million different eyelash serums over the past few years, so you don't have to. Here are the best ones.

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Eyelashes. I've tried it all. Temporary falsies. Permanent extensions. I hated the temporary ones because I was always paranoid they'd fall out. They're okay for a few hour special occasion, but beyond that I won't bother. Permanent extensions look great when you first get them, but don't forget eyelashes grow. Then you have gaps and clumps where you can blatantly tell your eyelashes are fake. Count me out. They also destroyed my real lashes. So instead, I turned to serums.

Why wouldn't you use an eyelash serum? Think about it. You wash and condition your hair right? You put other products on your hair to keep it silly smooth and strong. So why wouldn't you do the same for your lashes?

Lashes grow in a three month cycle. Every three months they fall out and new ones grow back. You don't notice this because it happens gradually and not at the same time. This means that any product you use you will see the best results after three months when you have a completely new set of eyelashes conditioned by the serum. But, depending on how fast your hair and lashes grow, you usually see a difference in 2-3 weeks. All of this is with consistent, daily use.

Why are these products so special?

The ingredients combined between my two favorite serums give you the full range of optimal ingredients to keep your lashes full and long. The first has multiple natural ingredients that have pentapeptides in them (I won't bore you with the scientific details of peptides, but you definitely want them in your lashes serums) and ingredients that condition and strengthen lashes. The second has biotin and ginseng, both of which also condition, lengthen, and strengthen lashes.

1. Essy - Eyelash Serum - $27.38

2. Hairgenics - Lavish Lash - $29.99

This picture is with about 3 months use of both products.

How to Use Them

You will want to layer both serums, one after the other, every single night. You put them onjust like you would eyeliner, right above your lash line. Don't skip a night. Make it a part of your nightly skincare routine. After about two weeks you should see results. Your most amazing results will come about 3 months later when both bottles are gone. These bottles last me about 3-4 months each, so it breaks down to approximately $19-$14 a month, depending on how long they last you.

I have tried a million eyelash serums and these two combined truly are the best.

Let me know how you like the results in the comments!

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