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Sustainable Brand: Oscha Slings

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Below is a sneak peek of Oscha's new patterns for the Daydreamer Collection - to be released August 8th!

People have asked me multiple times why I love Oscha Slings’ wraps and carriers so much. The most obvious answer – they have beautiful slings. But I didn’t discover Oscha because I was looking for beautiful slings. I discovered Oscha because when I was new to the babywearing world, a friend mentioned that they were beautiful AND sustainably made. Most other slings I had found were either beautiful, but not ethical and sustainable or they were ethical and sustainable, but not beautiful. Oscha is both.

While I’m sure, between both myself and Nikki, you’ve seen the myriad of beautiful Oscha carriers on the blog and our Instagram pages, I’m going to talk about Oscha’s ethics and sustainability.

1. All of Oscha’s yarns are responsibly sourced. Whenever possible, Oscha’s yarns are organic.

Obviously we don’t want chemicals touching our babies. Oscha’s organic crops contribute to better and healthier working conditions for farmers. Additionally, organic crops produce stronger yarns that are gentle and delicate on the skin. Recently, Oscha started using a new organic cotton that is surprisingly cushy. I was shocked when I first wrapped with the new 100% organic combed cotton when they switched.

Oscha has not found suppliers that will provide organic animal fibers yet, but they are looking. Instead, Oscha uses organic fibers whenever possible. All of their fibers are produced responsibly under ethical working conditions.

2. Oscha’s workshop is run on 100% solar power.

Oscha has always been a small, family-owned business. They have a small Scottish workshop that runs on 100% solar polar – despite the Scottish weather. This saves approximately 1700 kilograms of carbon from entering the atmosphere each year. That is an amazing environmental footprint (or lack thereof).

3. Oscha, with the help of its customers, is re-growing the Caledonian forest, an ancient forest in the Scottish Highlands.

This is probably one of my favorite charitable causes. Currently, scientists estimate that humans would need to plant almost 1 trillion trees to combat climate change. While that may sound extreme, scientists also determined that it’s actually possible – and plotted out all the areas they could be planted. The scientists concluded that “forest restoration is the best climate change solution available today.”

Oscha is doing exactly that. Not only does Oscha donate a portion of all customer sales to Trees for Life, a local charity, but it actually has its own grove of trees in the Caledonian forest. Trees for Life is aimed to reforest the Scottish Highlands with native species, which is exactly what scientists say needs to occur to combat climate change.

4. Oscha is part of the Better Cotton Initiative.

The Better Cotton Initiative exists “to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in, and better for the sector’s future by developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity.” To be certified by the BCI, cotton must meet a wide range of conditions, including minimizing the harmful impact of crop protection practices, promoting ethical and fair working conditions, and using land responsibly.

The biggest importance here is becoming a mainstream commodity. Right now, it is so difficult to find ethical and sustainable companies, but it’s in high demand by many consumers. And then, some still can’t stomach paying $75 for a t-shirt, even when you know you’re ensuring wages are ethical. But this needs to become the norm. We need to accept that a high-quality product with well-paid workers and ethical standards is something that we should be demanding from all companies and brands.

Since having kids, one of the most important things to me is preserving our environment. I always cared about the environment before, but it became immensely more important after kids. I wanted to ensure the world is healthy and livable for them and their children as well. When I looked to making more sustainable changes in our lives, I started watching where I purchased things from.

I am glad I found Oscha four years ago. Not only did I fall in love with the beautiful designs and grad warps, but I knew that I was carrying my babies in ethical products. I knew with each purchase I could help do something about climate change, even if it seemed small at the time. And it helped me be at peace that eventually I would teach my children to be conscious consumers by showing them we had been conscious from the very beginning.

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