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Reviews - Oscha Nook Encompass & Nook Evolve

Nook Encompass - Nikki Hines

When Oscha contacted me to test their newest generation Nook wrap conversion full buckle carrier, I was naturally excited to try it (serious babywearing FOMO) but also skeptical. I'm not really a buckles girl.

The Encompass has the same core designs as the previous generation Nooks- comfortable Stratalinea waistband, Continuum straps that provide additional support under baby's bum, detachable hood, and beautiful, ergonomic design, as well as newly added elements. This updated version features an internal cinch that adjusts the panel width to grow with your baby from the newborn stage to approximately 2.5 years. The cinch is easy to use and incorporates beautifully into the overall design. The panel is bigger overall than previous versions, allowing for a comfortable fit for larger toddlers. I was thrilled to feel the new shoulder padding- 3 layers to create cushy clouds on my shoulders.

I was pleasantly surprised as soon as I put my toddler up in the Encompass. The triple layer shoulder padding made it very comfortable while being less bulky than my Tula, and the Continuum straps provide more even weight distribution than any other full-buckle carrier I've tried. I love how the new built-in cinch adjusts to the exact panel width she needs. I could absolutely see this being a one-and-done carrier for newborn to toddler- but whats the fun in that?!

We mostly back carry at this point, and I loved how the chest clip is detachable. This isn't a new feature, but one that I haven't gotten a chance to try out myself in a buckle carrier. I found a back carry very easy, comfortable, and with a more streamlined aesthetic without the chest clip. Even with a slick winter parka, the straps stayed in place. We tried front carries as well, and the Nook allows you to add the chest clip for a traditional full-buckle fit or to cross the straps into an X. Personally, I liked the security of having the straps crossed. If I were to make one change, I would want a slightly wider webbing so the straps don't cut into my back when I wear it cross strapped.

The Nook is beautifully crafted with the exquisite attention to detail I've come to expect from Oscha. There are elastics to keep the extra webbing contained, fabric to cover the straps, detachable hood and chest clip, and comfortable padding that isn't thick, stiff foam. I love how customizable the Encompass is- from choosing to detach the hood, using the chest clip, how you wear the straps in a front carry, and how wide the make the panel. I would love slightly wider webbing for more comfort when crossing the straps in a front carry, but for our wearing use, this is a minor issue. Overall, if you are in the market for a versatile and beautiful full buckle, this is an ideal choice.

Rating: 5 out of 5 "D's" on the DISO Scale

Nook Evolve - Carina Novello

I tested the original Nook before it hit the market and immediately fell in love with it. Before the Nook, I hated every full buckle carrier I tried. But once your baby hits the walking stage, wrapping becomes annoying because they want up and down and up and down (repeat x1003971). I had the typical wrapper conundrum, downsize to all shorties or break down and go for a bulky full buckle wrap (cringe). Cue the Nook - just in time for my second son to hit the "I don't know what I want" stage.

The original Nook was not bulky. It had the aesthetics of a wrap (which I loved). And it was still comfortable. It was like a dream come true and everything I ever hoped for. It literally was perfect and is probably still one of our most used carriers.

So when Oscha told me they made the Nook better and they wanted me to test it, I naturally said "YES PLEASE," but also was skeptical because I already thought the Nook was pretty amazing. Yet again, Oscha delivered. They turned my favorite carrier into the only carrier I will recommend for both beginning wearers and expert wearers.

I tested the Nook Evolve, which runs from toddler to preschool size. It has all of the old original features I loved and I cover in a video on Oscha's official Facebook group Clan Oscha. You can watch it here.

For those of you that do not want to watch the video, I will give you a brief rundown:

Original Nook Features:

1. You can put the Nook on Onbuhimo style like a backpack. This is the best selling point. But then you can click the waistband shut so not all of the child's weight is on your shoulders.

2. It's not bulky. I never liked Tulas or Lenny Lambs because they just don't look right to me. They are bulky and I am very petite. They are not comfortable to me. To be honest, I can barely move my head side to side over the bulk of the shoulder straps. My kids never seemed to get that comfy "wrapped" feeling in them and so they didn't like to be in them.

3. It has a padded waistband. The padded waistband helps distribute the weight from your shoulders to your lower back. It is ergonomically designed for comfort of both the baby and the wearer.

4. It looks like a wrap. The Nooks are made from wrap fabric, so you don't need to worry about getting the right blend for the right size of your child to be comfortable. You can literally buy a single carrier that will take the child from being a baby to a toddler and still be comfortable. I like the wrap look, because it's more aesthetically pleasing to me.

Additional New Features:

1. You can adjust the height of the panel. This is only on the Evolve. For the Encompass, you can set a small baby higher up in the panel to get the right fit. On the Evolve there are actual ties that you can pull to adjust the panel height about 3 inches to get a good fit.

2. You can adjust the width of the panel. This feature is on both the Encompass and the Evolve. There is a tie at the bottom that you can just pull and tie and the width of the panel decreases based on the child's size.

3. More shoulder padding. I thought the original Nook was comfortable as it was, but this one is amazing - even more comfortable than before. Oscha added just enough additional padding in the shoulders so that it's not bulky but takes some of baby's weight off of your shoulders. Definitely an impressive design feature.

4. You can detach the hood. I never used the hood on my Nook, so for me, I like something that can detach. I know many people love hoods for when the babies fall asleep, but I like to take them off when it's not in use. The new Nooks give you that option.

All in all, it's a great carrier, especially for those that prefer wrapping. I would love to add this to my collection some day. And for those with young babies and children that only want one carrier - this is the carrier for you.

For full details on panel measurements and where to purchase, visit https://usa.oschaslings.com/en/ and check out their recent blog post.

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