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Review - Linuschka Orpheus Prototype

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

An easy-care, cushy cloud of coral, pink, and yellow goodness in a single wrap.

REVIEW: Linuschka Orpheus Prototype Blend: 38% Biocotton, 26% Egyptian Cotton, 18% Supima Cotton, 18% Seacell. Colors: Triweave of yellow, pink, and coral.

Well Oxana Shmatova has outdone herself again on this prototype. I never considered I would love this pattern but I absolutely adore it now. It has the perfect cush to grip ratio that I just love so much.

As soon as it arrived, Zaki asked for ups (which we haven't had in quite some time now). I had to wait a bit because of work and other obligations. He admired it for days. Then we finished decorating our tree the other day in it.

On a scale of 1 to 10:

Cush - 9. Nothing can ever beat Rhapsody Juta for me, but this is pretty close.

Strength - 10. This is a strong wrap. Everyone that knows me knows I am a sloppy wrapper with picky shoulders. This held up to that and we spent a good 45 minutes finishing the tree in it with zero digginess.

Grip - 9. I love grippy wraps so for me, this has it all.

Spongeiness - 7. I was surprised this is pretty spongy which lends to good bounce and recoil to counteract the grip.

Glide - 7. It wrapped well, despite the grip from the pattern. I assume the glide is coming from the Seacell and Supima, which is the perfect ratio for the pattern's texture.

Texture - 10. The texture of Linuschka is always outstanding. The texture of this with the pattern is even better and lends to the grippiness. I love just feeling the impressions and bumps the design creates.

Colors - 10. These colors interact beautifully. Even the wrong side is so right.

Weave - 10. The tri-weave of this lends to the beauty and cush of this wrap. It truly makes the wrap beautiful and with amazing wrapping qualities ("WQs").

Temperature - 10. This wrap is dry and neither cool nor warm to the touch. It didn't wrap hot or cold, which I think is the mark of a good blend.

Blend - 10. This wrap is basically easy care but with the qualities of a fancy fiber wrap. Combined with the WQs, you cannot get much better than this!

Total: 92/100.

I can't give it a full 100 because nothing compares to Rhapsody Juta in my opinion, but this wrap has everything I love. We definitely need more of this wrap.

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