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Review - Linuschka New Pattern Prototype

Easily one of the most beautiful patterns I've ever seen.

REVIEW: Linuschka New Pattern Prototype Blend: 38% Biocotton, 26% Sea Island Cotton, 18% Supima Cotton, 18% Seacell. Colors: Monotone triweave of black and white.

Initial Thoughts: Ohmygah. I want this wrap so bad.

Unwilling Wrappee

I had an unwilling toddler wrappee (pictured to the right) but my lovely preschooler offered to go up and was quite excited to "take pictures." This was actually a really fun shoot because he kept directing my husband when, how, and where to take the pictures. Finally he announced, "Okay we're done!" and the shoot ended.

On a scale of 1 to 10:

Cush - 8. It was cushy, but not blankety cushy like some other Linuschka's I've tried. With that said, my preschooler was the wrappee and there was minimal dig in a double hammock (DH), so I still consider it pretty cushy compared to other wraps (and especially other brands).

Strength - 10. This is a strong wrap. I'm a sloppy wrapper (especially in a DH), but my almost four year old was close to weightless and there was no digginess.

Grip - 9. This pattern lends itself a good amount of grip. I think it is the detail of the pattern.

Spongeiness - 6. This wrap wasn't particularly spongey like you get with most triweaves, but I do think that the other WQs outweigh the lack of spongeiness.

Glide - 9. This wrap glided well and wrapped easily. I think it has the perfect grip to glide ratio.

Texture - 6. If you're a texture lover, this wrap isn't for you. It is more of a flat, soft, glidey wrap than the typical texture you would get from Tussah silk or the Orpheus pattern.

Colors - 10. I am not a monotone person. I never wanted a monotone wrap. Nothing about them ever appealed to me. I immediately fell in love with this wrap as soon as I saw it. The pattern is perfect as a monotone and especially for all you monotone lovers.

Aesthetics - 10. The detailing of the pattern is superb. The lines are stark and brilliant. To be honest, I just really love this pattern personally so I may be being biased here. It is simply amazing to look at.

Temperature - 8. This wrap is cool and feels a bit "wet" to the touch. I tend to like neutral wraps, but I also cannot fully comment on this because it is 0 degrees Fahrenheit here right now. I think it would be a lovely summer wrap.

Blend - 10. This wrap is almost the same blend as the Orpheus proto I tested awhile back, but with Sea Island Cotton (SIC) instead. It is basically easy care but with the qualities of a fancy fiber wrap. I didn't think the blend could get better than that, but with the added SIC it definitely is a superb wrap.

Total: 86/100.

This honestly is one of the most beautiful wraps and patterns I've ever laid my eyes on. I didn't think I would ever love anything more than Bolero, but it has stolen my heart. I would love nothing more than for it to one day become part of my stash.

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