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My Eight Mama-Style Rules

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Okay. I know I'll probably get some push back about this post. Let me start by saying I fully support you doing you. However, for myself, I have certain standards that I need to attain before leaving the house. Before I became a mother I had a fairly intensive and detailed daily beauty ritual: Cleanse, exfoliate, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, sunscreen, makeup. Night cream, masks, waxing, spray tan. I loved the pampering and routine.

Since having kids I needed to streamline my beauty ritual. Do a Google image search for "self-tanner + breastfeeding" and you'll see why. I don't have time to shower daily, let alone wax or layer serums and creams for my "targeted skin concerns." I still won't leave the house in pajamas or with a naked face, but I've found a good rhythm to keep myself still looking (mostly) put together even if I can't remember the last time I showered.

Here are my 8 Mama-Style Rules:

1. Wear real clothes.

You can do this. Wearing your lounge wear to Target is easy and comfy, but you are absolutely not living your best life. My kids don't even wear their pajamas out of the house. Buy clothing that is comfortable yet different than your pj's. I love loose dresses over leggings and leather boots. Jeans with some stretch, tank top, cardigan, flats. Boom, done. Even in the most dire rush I can throw on a shirt dress, flats, and big sunglasses.

2. Accessorize.

Wear strong jewelry.

The day I discovered mama metal my post-natal life changed. Angels sang from on high and unicorns orgasmed. Prior to this I thought I was stuck with the cute-but-not-chic silicone bead necklaces. If you're not familiar with mama metal, it's double clasped chains with strong centerpieces that won't bend or break even when pulled by tiny hands. I love these so much I'm dabbling in creating my own. Stay tuned for more on that. Add some funky stud earrings and a simple ring and you're good to go.

Get a better diaper bag.

One that looks like a purse that you feel stylish carrying. I love Lily Jade bags and will continue to sing their praises. Lily-jade.com I'm not paid to say this. I really love these stylish, functional diaper bags.

Wear a scarf.

Get something with multiple colors so it goes with everything. Conceal spit up on your shirt; tie it around your hear so baby wont pull it; wear it as a headband to conceal your dirty hair (no judgment); use it as a nursing cover if that makes you more comfortable (just don't do it to appease society - society can grow the fuck up) - the sky's the limit.

3. Wear Tinted Sunscreen.

This is pretty simple. Wear sunscreen every day. Even in winter. Even if you're just driving to drop your kid off at school, even if its raining. Sunscreen helps prevent wrinkles, age spots, CANCER, and the tinted kind works instead of foundation. I love Clarins UV Plus Broad Spectrum tinted sunscreen for the velvety, liquidy feel and how well it conceals. Recently I've been loving La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid. I discovered this on my honeymoon in Paris and was delighted that they sell it stateside. I add a drop or two of Cover FX Custom Cover Drops to the sunscreen so it matches my fair skin perfectly and then rub it all over my face.

4. Put on cream blush.

Blush makes you look youthful and healthy, even if you got three hours of sleep. Cream blush is awesome because you don't have to take your blush brush away from your daughter who is doing the cutest imitation of putting on makeup.

5. Perfect a 5 minute hairstyle.

This is key. I have very long, wavy hair. It takes forever to blow dry, and gets tangled easily if its down. I would say that I wear my hair in Heidi braids at least once a week. It takes me 5 minutes or less and looks good. Play around and figure out what looks good on you.

6. Apply Long wear, Smudge-proof Lipstick.

You just look "done" when you wear lipstick. Even if that's the only makeup (other than tinted sunscreen) you have on. I like Lipsense and Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink.

7. Remove your makeup.

This is just general good sense, but I know how hard it is to remove your makeup when you are trying to put two kids to bed and breastfeeding one who just won't let go of your nipple so you can wash your damn face. I keep facial cleansing wipes and a tin of all purpose face and body moisturizer next to my bed. I can one hand this if I need to.

8. Moisturize.

Everything is better when you moisturize. Keep your moisturizer of choice handy.


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