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Mama Metal

Are you ready for a #ShamelessSelfPromotion post?

I've spent the last several months learning the art of jewelry making and silver fusing and I f**cking love it! I just launched my own label on Facebook, Fox+Bear Designs, and will open a shop on Etsy soon.

I've mentioned before in my post about mama stye what a game changer mama metal was for me. I love jewelry. I love accessorizing and finding that special piece to complete my look. After having my son, my carefully curated collection of baubles sat in a drawer, unworn and unloved, safely away from his grabby little hands.

Enter #MamaMetal. If you've not heard this term before, mama metal is durable, beautiful, metal centerpieces combined with double-clasp chains that are strong enough to withstand gently tugging from little hands. Classic centerpiece styles involve geometric shapes (circles, hearts, squares, ovals, droplets, etc.) but span a wide range of designs and aesthetics. Typically worn with double-clasp chains, you can mix and match the chain and alter the look of the piece.

Why should you wear mama metal? Here is my short list:

1. You deserve to wear beautiful jewelry. Being a parent involves enough sacrifice. When you haven't showered in 3 days and you have yogurt crusted on your sleeve, a beautiful pendant can be enough to make you feel pulled together.

2. It gives your baby something to play with. If you've ever had your nipple pinched by tiny baby talons when you are breastfeeding, I won't have to tell you twice that something to distract little hands is an invaluable tool. Had your neck skin pulled while giving a bottle or rocking baby to sleep? This is for you, too. Babies love the sensory input- the texture, the shine, the sound of metal clinking.

3. You can customize. One of the things I adore about the mama metal set up is how many options you have with just a few pieces. You really get the most bang for your buck and can style your pieces to best suit your outfit and mood. Even if you aren't a mama, the modular aspect is perfect for people who want to have a streamlined jewelry box while maintaining variety.

4. They can be personal and symbolic. I love creating pieces that symbolize something meaningful for the wearer. Whether it is a reminder of a personal mantra, a number of shapes to represent the people in your family, droplets to celebrate reaching your breastfeeding goals, or a chain with your children's birthstones, your jewelry should always #SparkJoy.

16 gauge lotus with triple chain and beads

While there are many brilliant lady smiths creating gorgeous jewelry, it would absolutely make my day if you checked out my new Facebook page @FoxPlusBearDesigns. I have plans to launch on Etsy soon, so hit that Follow button and stay tuned!

I would be remiss if I didn't give credit to my family for really helping me make this happen. To my little Fox and Bear, parenting you has given me the confidence to push out of my comfort zone and taught me quickly time passes, so if I really want to do something I need to start now. To my husband, THANK YOU for occupying the babies while I'm working with fire and sharp tools. I couldn't do this without you.


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