Carina Novello

Mother, Wife, Attorney, and Blogger

Once upon a time, I was an attorney that practiced complex litigation - until I had my first son. When I decided to stay home with my children, I fell in love with woven wraps, various fibers, styling tips, and ethical fashion. 

When I returned to work, I decided I needed a creative outlet to hold on to those "motherly" things that I loved. Together, Nikki and I decided to launch The Textile Philes and this blog was born.

Our family is a blended one. My husband is a Muslim, Iraqi refugee. We have two children, Adam (3) and Zaki (2), two pomeranians, and an overly obese Jaba the Hut sized cat. We are a political family and active in our local political community. I am currently practicing complex litigation again. In my spare time (although its de minimis) I enjoy knitting and painting.

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